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One Thai Day in NYC

Jackson Heights is considered one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City, and therefore the country. Aside from a brief spell my junior year of high school when I frequented the 'hood to see a friend whose tonsils were removed, I have not spent much time there. One thing I have heard many times about the 'hood is that it has the best zyx food: "Best Indonesian food" "Best Thai food" "Best Indian" and the list goes on. As spring break week came to a close this Friday, I finally had time to spend a few hours in Jackson Heights, Queens to find the only Thai temple in New York City and to try some of this best Thai food in NYC. As usual, I will not bore you TOO much with my thoughts, just share with you my experience through photos =)

First off, I visited the Sugar Club which is like the NYC version of Thai 7 Elevens. It had all the goods and drinks that I liked but could not read the labels of back in Southeast Asia: Chinese iced tea…