Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Battambang Province, in photos

Sunset in Battambang

Walked reeeeeeally far to get to this former Pepsi Cola Bottling Plant. No one told me you couldnt go in anymore! Germans are not impressed by ridiculous American behavior.

Orange streets!

Best kids.

'Most awesome Cambodian Grade A food ever'. But really.

Riel money. 4000 riel = 1 dollar

Bamboo train ride

This will be the cover of my bookabout Cambodia entitled 'The Miseducation of (enter German's name here)'.

Tour guide


Khmer BBQ. Yum.



Prasat Banan. Older than Angkor Wat.


'I really want to buy weed from you. You're such a nice man.' Direct quote taken out of context.


We made about 25000 Khmer male friends our last night in Battambang. They introduced me to Cambodian pop music. Sweet.


  1. sometimes i just pretend to enter myself into your adventures. amazing.living vicariously is so much cheaper. well...not really from nyc, but you understand. keep on keepin on with yer bad self!! be safe. xo

  2. It is definitely cheaper to give up NYC life and live on about $1000 a month in Southeast Asia...and you could probably do it for even less!