Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tobago (of Trinidad and Tobago)

And now for the photos...

Pigeon Point
Kite surfers at Pigeon Point. For Kelly!

Pigeon Point

My mom is a cutie beauty at Pigeon Point.

Check that water!!!
Pigeon Point
Seriously...sunscreen....you'd think by 26 I would have learned. 

Crab and dumplings. A local dish that TWO friends raved about and demanded I go to Store Bay to try it...but I have to say after the meaty crabs in Cambodia, there really is no comparison. The sauce was very good though!
My mom trying to eat crab and dumplings at Store Bay is
one of the funniest/messiest things I have ever seen this class lady do!

Store Bay

My mom and I did a one day car tour around the island of Tobago. One day was enough to superficially see around the whole island, but not enough to swim anywhere, to hike in the rain forest, to try out different things, to meet people.

The Caribbean sea was rough and tough the last few days of our trip.

Golf. Green.

Abandoned water mill and restaurant. Looked like a movie set out of Jurassic Park.

Cashews live here.

Tobago has a "mystery tomb" due to the unclear, mysterious engraving on this, a slave's, tomb. It says "She was a Mother without knowing it and a Wife without letting her Husband know it, except by her kind indulgences to him."

Oh magical trees....

Beautiful bays all around.

Englishman's Bay

I told the Caribbean was ROUGH! (Parlatuvier Bay)

Parlatuvier Bay

Quick drive through the Rainforest. So green!!

Tyrrell's Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
Tyrrell's Bay and the Atlantic Ocean
Tyrrell's Bay
Tyrrell's Bay and the Atlantic Ocean from up top.

Walking to Argyle Falls

Argyle Falls

Argyle Falls

Argyle Falls - most refreshing dip of the holiday!

You can see very faintly the ferry that goes from Tobago to Trinidad.

This is my "I am cool" shot.
....'til next time!