Friday, January 28, 2011

Lazy Beach with a Sam Cooke Twist

Koh Rong Saloem, Lazy Beach, in photos

Ferry rides.
Best sunset that I took only one photo of unfortunately.
The eating location at night. Full Moon! You know its a good place when they play
Gorillaz, Joanna Newsom, and Bob Dylan.
More sunsets. They never get old.
The beach on the other side....magic!
Underwater features on cameras are awesome.
This is how I swim underwater, always throwing the peace sign.
Canadians from Calgary had a fire. There were about 14 people there, 
which ís about hơw many people there were on thís private almost deserted beach.
Slack lining German.
Being lazy.
Being lazy. I mean,we were there for 6 nights - you've NEVER been that lazy in your life.
Short hike up to see our Lazy Beach.
Crab night!
Final sunset. Tear. I was itching to move on though.
Two hammocks so the German and I didnt have to fight over 'em.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phnom Penh, in photos

Belly Water
Choeun Ek Genocidal Museum. Sad. Dont want to post many photos. Read up on your Cambodian history.

I saw every emotion in her face and had to capture her forever for myself.

Happy Pizza. Means exactly what you think it does. Did not have any.

Psychedelic Buddha at a wat. Most of the wats were destroyed by the Khmer Rouge (monks were killed), so the wats are mostly new with more modern decorations.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace grounds.

Royal Palace grounds.
Royal palace grounds

"Let's take a group picture.""Group?""Small group."
It's a gigantic cymbal!

Cambodian flag.
I only put this here because we walked for what seemed like days to find the tiny German embassy because he thought MAYBE he could have a beer with someone inside. (The American embassy is huge, like an NYC block, with 4 meter high fences, and security guards on every corner. Wouldn't hear the end of it.)
You could probably add more to the top.
Russian Market. Ain't nothin' Russian about it.
Women are in pajamas every where here!!
The German and I came to a random restaurant where the menu was in Khmer, so we picked random numbers from whatever 1 to like 129 (62 and 79) and got squid and baby chicken. Soooooooo good.

Ratanakiri Province, in photos

What can YOU fit on the back of your mini van?

And you thought Americans were cellphone obsessed?

Durian, is that you?

Cheap cheap. Stan, I thought of you.


Tiep. Weird somewhat fuzzy seeds that taste what vanilla hookah smoke smells like. Got it?

The German and I went on a two day/one night trek through the community jungles of Ratanakiri province!

Fish are biting him.

German, The Ranger Krung, the guide Tea aka Mr. Discipline. If we got something right (like when I tied my shoe) he would say "Discipline!!". Also when talking about near death experiences, he preferred to say "broken heart' than "dead"" or "hurt". Krung also eventually in Khmer told Tea to tell me to come back to Cambodia in 2 years and get a Khmer husband...I think he is looking for a wife??

We stayed the night in a Kreung tribe village where some families were celebrating the good health of a family member by slaughtering a cow and feasting on it. I tried it. Too much salt...but awesome.


Cold sleeping.

Im sorry Juline, Lindsey...

I love these roads but they destroy your lungs, nose, clothes, everything. Its great.

She treated me to some sugar cane. Sooo good.

Dame mas gasolina.

Adventure! Cha Ong Waterfall

In one of the tribe villages, it is customary to build a house for a young girl or the young boy living there once they turn 14 years old. They individually sleep alone in these houses every night until they get married around 16, 17, or 18 years old.

Yeak Loam. Crater Lake.

Playing with durian.

Our trip consists of him teaching me useful German phrases like 'tissue' and 'what?'and "i know"...while I have taught him basically, "Yo shortie ho, let me mack it to you after I drop a deuce. Yeah." Team America.