Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My last day was....

First off, all the boys I hung out with in my ten days in Munich agreed that I absolutely had to get a dindrl. You should see how their eyes light up just at the idea of a woman in a dindrl. Likewise you should see how my eyes light up at the thought of having a random outfit in my closet. So I went back to the C&A mall and tried on a few more dresses. You only have to scroll all the way down to find out which one I purchased.
This one was the first one I tried on earlier in the week.


Hmm, and then I flew from Munich to Moscow where I had a 6 hour layover.

Its a fake thumbs up because I planned and hoped so much to actually go to Russia on this trip, but because Russian buracracy is worse than an office that does not have paper on people to work in it, it did not work out.
I bought souvenirs for myself.
I hung out with Ke from Virginia for 5 of the hours. We had a ball. He saved for years to come to Germany and attend the opera or orchestral concerts everyday for two weeks. How awesome is that! 

Guess who's home? This Bavarian Russian.

What up JFK airport?

Hiking in the Bavarian Alps

We set out for Ros und Buchstein. The peak is 1701 meters = 5580 feet.
Hike Name: Tegernseer Hutte - Ross and Buchstein
Hike Length: 4.4 miles (7.1 km)
Time: 5.5 hours

Sick rock scramble. 

"This is the Bavarian dream - beer and the Alps" at Tegernesse Hutte


Friendship & food, Bavarian style

Beer, pretzel and yummy three cheese spread (obazda) at a biergarten with Florian!

Men shopping.

Men cooking.

Men eating. (Fabian & Jaro)

My dad on a big Bavarian TV.

Wouldn't you like to drink wine openly, happily in a park? Yes.

Vino, pretzel, obazda, bread, sausages. The life.

I think it was called Gerti's Place and it may be shutting down but I sure did put my signature on the petition against it closing! The Nytimes apparently reviewed this place with full honors.

Gerti herself! Me and Fabian

Flo, me, Fabian at Gerti's.
Schweinbratem - roasted pork with a potato dumpling.

Obvious sunburn.

Went to the University Music Festival.
Check out Fabian's band Well Well Well: 

Raul from Transylvania sketched us at the Uni music fest
Sketch of me by  Raul Ciosescu

EVERYONE IS TALLER THAN ME!!!! (Florian, me, Lukas, Raul, Fabian, Jaro at the Uni music fest)
Inside one of the Uni buildings. 

Dachau for Tallest Man on Earth. Look at these people - am I in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood or am I in Germany? People seem less pretentious in Germany though.

I was introduced to Tallest Man on Earth. Wonderful.

Florian slacklining while half naked girls watch.

It's like he's stepping on us!

Florian lookin' happy and relaxed by the Starnbarg See (lake).

Jaro lookin' too cool by the lake.

Jaro nailed turning on the slackline by the end of the day.

I stood on the slackline without anyone to hold on to long enough for Jaro to take a photo. Progress.

The U-bahn stop by Flo's.

How you buy beer in Germany. 

Men smoking (Lasse, Flo, Fabian).

I went to Bavaria and had Thai waterfall salad for the first time. That Fabian  sure can come up with good recipes  for all of us to just chop the ingredients for.
We had lamb curry. It was delicious.

Then Fabian and I had a mini kind of jam session.

This is proof I was near a guitar while Fabian ate spicy salad.