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Arlington Cemetery Has Cherry Blossom Trees, too!

Arlington National Cemetery is 150 years old this week! These photos, however, are from mid-April.

Cherry Blossom Trees Take Over DC

Washington, D.C. the capital of these United States. Not part of any city, but on land donated by Maryland and Virginia. Where all of these laws get made...or not. But I'm not here to be political...I'm here to be flowery because, see, I have been trying to get to DC and the cherry blossom trees for years! If you know me at all, you know I love me some flowers...

You see, in 1912 the Japanese Mayor Yokio Ozaki of Tokyo City gifted the city of Washington with cherry trees in an attempt to build the budding friendship between the United Stated and Japan. And every spring between 1,700 and 3,000 cherry blossoms line the Tidal Basin in D.C., not to mention all the other cherry trees all over the city.

So, this year I had ONE weekend free in between going to South Carolina to meet my sweetheart's family and going to San Francisco to visit my original sweetheart (meaning: the Bay Area). I called up my friend Igor who lives in Arlington, VA, I did my research (There is a livecam o…