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Dashville7: The Video

Hey guys!

I'm not master video editor (aside from my glorious song/video for my mom) but I wanted to put a video together of all the shenanigans from my 30th birthday trip to Nashville. It's kind of split in two parts: 1. Dancing/music/drama/fun times and 2. chill/Land Between the Lakes/singing/guitar playing! The video is 10 minutes long so I anticipate only members of Dashville7 will watch it - but enjoy!


1. Dancing on a street at 0:20
2. Dancing on a bridge at 0:42
3. Ursula's PSA to bell makers everywhere at 1:13
4. Savva broke is iWatch at 1:59
5. Bieber mania at 2:23
6. Ursula's awesome rendition of "Walk the Line" at 3:40
7. Dancing to Michael Jackson's"Earth Song" at 4:30
7. Quick second of me singing En Vogue at 4:36
8. James walking in on 4 ladies dancing to Michael Jackson at 5:00 (and we continued to dance)
9. "I'm in freaking Kentucky!" at 5:36
10. Elk and Bison Prairie at 5:42
11. Admiring the bison and w…

Land Between the Lakes, Tennessee/Kentucky Border

If you follow this ol' blog, you probably know I enjoy hiking and being out in greenery. If you know me personally, you definitely know that making parks/nature/greenery/hiking a part of my trips is a priority. Well, with Dashville7 I was lucky enough to have a group of people who all felt the same way! In planning for this trip to Nashville, I researched Land Between the Lakes, a United States National Recreation Area located in Tennessee and Kentucky. It is an inland peninsula (I didn't even know that was a phrase) between Cumberland  and Tennessee Lakes. It was designated a National Recreation Area by President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

We drove by several old family cemeteries, the Gatlin family probably lived and owned land here before the area was condemned due to overflooding. Gatlin Point is named after them. Everyone died so young in the 1800s.

Gatlin Point

We found a beautiful spot near Gatlin Point Campground and, basically, had a photo shoot while Rikka explored som…

A Little Bit of Music in Music City

According to local oral tradition, when Nashville's Fisk Jubilee Singers performed for Queen Victoria in 1873, she was so impressed and said they had to be from Music City. Others say that Nashville was nicknamed "Music City" by a radio DJ in 1950, regardless, the history of music business in Nashville goes back hundreds of years! In 1950 Nashville was the place to be for jumping blues, R&B, gospel, and pop music. Before World War II, the big Nashville hotels had in-house dance orchestras where many singers got their start. These days when we think of Nashville, we think of country music on full blast - and that is very true, but the city is also home to all kinds of music genres.

Dashville7 consists of musicians and singers. Ursula and I went to performing arts high school and grew up singing and playing guitar. Rikka played flute in marching band. Savva is now a filmmaker (and recently filmed Joan Jett, Slash, and other rock musicians!) and also plays guitar and dr…