Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Land Between the Lakes, Tennessee/Kentucky Border

If you follow this ol' blog, you probably know I enjoy hiking and being out in greenery. If you know me personally, you definitely know that making parks/nature/greenery/hiking a part of my trips is a priority. Well, with Dashville7 I was lucky enough to have a group of people who all felt the same way! In planning for this trip to Nashville, I researched Land Between the Lakes, a United States National Recreation Area located in Tennessee and Kentucky. It is an inland peninsula (I didn't even know that was a phrase) between Cumberland  and Tennessee Lakes. It was designated a National Recreation Area by President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

The main road is called The Trace.
This is not the main road, but Savva led us to a cool first spot.

I want to go back. Look how much fun we are having!
It sure looks pretty, but the closer you get, the deeper you sink into the mud!
We drove by several old family cemeteries, the Gatlin family probably lived and owned land here before the area was condemned due to overflooding. Gatlin Point is named after them. Everyone died so young in the 1800s.

Gatlin Point

We found a beautiful spot near Gatlin Point Campground and, basically, had a photo shoot while Rikka explored some trails. Enjoy.
Bear Creek

Ursula! What a cutie!

The Soviet Bloc

South Bison Range

When planning for this part of our trip, I did ample research on Elk & Bison Prairie, and that is where we were heading until we came across South Bison Range and saw bison hanging out in the distance!

Hey, dudes!

Crossing State Lines

Land Between the Lakes is sprawled out on two states: Tennessee and Kentucky. So naturally, it was a big deal for me (I mean, all of us?) to get out on the state line and be in two states at the same time!

When crossing state lines, you can be in two states at the same time!
One foot in Tennessee, the other foot in Kentucky.
Gettin' it done.

Elk & Bison Prairie 

It was a very "Jurassic Park"-esque entrance. We paid a fee, rolled up to the gate,
it opened mechanically as we sang the John Williams score,
and then we drove around looking at animals.
So close to us =)
Bison straight chillin'
Can you spot the baby bison?!

This guy was checking out Stef's butt. He had the right idea.
Lone bison.

The elk were a bit more hidden. 
We found one young buck out on his own grazing some grass.
No big antlers yet, young buck!
Bison are so cool. 

Energy Lake

After the emotions and excitement around seeing bison, elk and a turkey, we found the perfect picnic spot by Energy Lake in Land Between the Lakes. It was a truly gorgeous afternoon, and I felt so lucky to be with these great people as we ate and enjoyed the sunset.
View of Crooked Creek Bay, opposite Energy Lake
Turkey and cheese sandwiches, chips, and other good good stuff.
Everything tastes great after a day exploring the great outdoors!
Dashvile7 Picnic Edition
Sunset over Energy Lake
Sibling love!
Ah yes, peace.
First swim of the year!
Dashville7 OUT

PS - The ride home was beautiful, fields of canola flowers everywhere:

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