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Halong Bay, Vietnam, in photos


Wine Tasting

Vietnam, I like you, but you're bringing me down.

After an 11 hour bus ride from Dong Ha (near Hue) to Hanoi with Corrina and Craig from Calgary, we hoped to hop on a bus to Halong City straight away and catch a boat on Halong Bay!

Where to start?

We got ripped off 3 times in less than an was the sickest attempted robbery I have ever heard of, let alone witnessed.

Well, before I start, as a disclaimer - the actions Corrina, Craig, and I took were extremely out of character and will probably never be taken again. On the bus from Hanoi to Halong, maybe 30 minutes into the ride, Craig noticed Corrina's bag was missing and saw it at the back of the bus and went to hand it to her but when he picked it up realized it was super light and said 'something is wrong'. The bag was open and NOTHING was inside! By this point we realized a local guy sitting at the back of the bus was the one robbing us as Craig grabbed the camera and lens from him and noticed my big backpack open on the floor in front of him and yelled at…

Hue and the DMZ tour, Vietnam, in photos


Take a break from me and learn about the Planned Parenthood conflict

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Planned Parenthood Financing is Caught in Budget Feud
Published: February 17, 2011

Almost unnoticed in the wars over the federal budget has been a pitched battle over money for Planned Parenthood, which provides contraception, medical services and abortions at 800 clinics around the country. Enlarge This Image For the last several weeks, those on opposite sides of a sharp cultural divide have engaged in dueling rallies, virtual conferences, online petitions and phone banks as crucial Congressional votes drew near. At stake is more than $75 million that Planned Parenthood receives to provide family planning assistance to low-income women, money that its opponents say only frees up funds for abortions. Now, in a surprise step that has set off deep alarm among advocates for women’s health, the newly conservative House of Representatives has proposed cutting the entire $317 million program of aid for family planning, known as Title X, in a …

....Halong Bay boat sinks....

...and to think I was docked in this same harbor at this same time, but we knew nothing. Mind boggling. We are all shocked think that this morning I was enjoying the view on the deck of my boat thinking "How beautiful" and there were people already drowned in it....

Tour boat sinks in Vietnam; 12 dead from 9 nations AP – Vietnamese health workers load the body of a sunken tourist boat victim to an ambulance in northern province … By DINH TRAN TRUNG HAU, Associated Press Dinh Tran Trung Hau, Associated Press –  HA LONG BAY, Vietnam – An anchored boat packed with sleeping travelers sank early Thursday in Vietnam's scenic Ha Long Bay, killing 12 people from nine countries in the deadliest tour boat accident since the country opened to foreign visitors 25 years ago.
Vacationers from the U.S., Britain, Australia, Japan, Russia, France, Sweden and Switzerland have been confirmed dead, along with a Vietnamese tour guide, the government said.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Sure, it may be silly to have one day specifically alotted for flowers, kisses, hugs, chocolates, and loooove....but you all know I keep you all safely in my heart always, and think of you often. I have been gone 3.5 months now but I will be back. No worries. I mean, I have a quarter of a century birthday to celebrate pretty soon!

So something from me to you, with love, hugs, kisses, and the usual silly flair. And yes, I am sitting in a bathtub.

Hoi An, Vietnam, in photos


Do not ask me to pack your first aid kit.