Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hoi An, Vietnam, in photos

Hoi An. Most people spend their time in the old historic town...unfortunately this town, as beautiful as it is, is just souvenir shops...and shoe & clothing making stores. I imagine it is pretty impossible to come here and not by something.

Rebecca and Alice (UK)! Alice went on to Hanoi on this day to do some awesome volunteering, Rebecca and I are traveling together for the next couple of days. I love me some Aussies =)

My Son (mee son). Ancient captial, ~400 AD. Originally had 70 structures, but centuries and American bombing has left 20, most of which are in ruins.

For 30 dollars I had these fancy shoes made! Leather soles. And she let me have 3 different colors of shoelaces. AND they shined my other shoes 'cause they looked disgusting.


  1. How do custom made shoes fit? How long it'd take to make??

  2. Custom made shoes when done well (like mine) fit just fine. I did not notice a difference really. I think I will once I wear them with a nice thin fancy sock and a dress or somethin'. Hoi An tailors are quick. It took less than 24 hours to get them made. Same goes for clothes. Oh and apparently designer brands often have their clothes made in Hoi An - may be a myth, may be fact. But yes, the stuff is good, you just have to do research in advance.