Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can Tho, Vietnam, in photos

Now that is what I call a good hotel bathroom...doesnt matter that the sink is not in it.
Hendrik and Amos - Dane ex pat and San Fran native. Fun times.
Nice melons.
On my way to the floating market.

Yellow flowers for Tet.
Means they sell pineapples.

Nice melons.
This is how they make rice noodles.
Baby pork.
My ride.
A stand on 'tool street'.
Did you want to take out 1.5 million dollars out? I mean, dong.
The currency in Vietnam is dong. 20,000 dong = 1 dollar.
Flowers, flowers everywhere! Oh, and me.
Sunflowers in 'Nam! Must be a good sign =)
Ho Chi Minh.
Pink watermelons.
Southeast Asia is just so much more colorful than the States.
Market...wait! Don't I knoowwww that guy??? The German returns.
Tet plant dragons.
Banh Cuon. Yum.
Needed another female to mix it up a little.
If I had the space and money, I would get this for: Eugene, Stan, etc, etc, etc.
Off to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City with Minnie.


  1. Oh! I totally haven't even seen a you full-on with backpacks picture yet. You look hard-core. *Werk!*