Monday, February 21, 2011

Hue and the DMZ tour, Vietnam, in photos

And then the clouds came in.
Corrina and Craig from Calgary. They have been traveling for almost a year. They are one of the best couples I have ever met (if not the best??). I am so grateful for their friendship! Cant wait to come to Banff!
The Citadel in Hue

Wonderful painting

Valentine's Day dinner! How romantic.
The heart balloons looked like boobs. I couldnt help myself.
And the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Tour begins.
Tunnels bigger than Cu Chi.
Just your average family room in a tunnel.
Vietnamese soldier graves
The top of that mountain was an American military base.
So happy in the DMZ. Corrina, Rebecca, me, Craig.
We sweep our bridges here...all day...
Khe Sanh. Former US Military Base.
American chopper
Khe Sanh landing strip. USA strip.
Part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail

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