Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Oldest and Biggest Banyan Tree in Thailand!

Yes, I am dedicating a whole post to a tree. What a wonderfully magical tree it is, though! The little park is called Sai-Ngarm, meaning either 'Sweeping Banyans" or "Beautiful Banyan". The Banyan Tree in this park covers an area of over 35,000 square feet and more than 350 years old. And yes, there are 3 videos BUT it's like a mystery that I needed to solve because it was very hard to figure out which was the original tree that 'gave birth' to all of these other treelike branches!...and I'd been traveling alone for almost a month, missing my friends, so I became really close with my camera on this day. (This one's for Lindsey, who showed me branches in a different light.)

Stop calling it "bunion" tree!!!

Mystery solved!!

What the island of Banyan looks like from the outside.

Yours Truly Madly Deeply


  1. come hang out with me at the redwood tree's of cali!!!

  2. It's a magnificent tree - yes. But the sad thing is that vendors set up outside the tree, and sell birds, turtles and fish for people to buy and then take inside the tree and release to obtain good karma. But at night the ventor go into the tree and capture the birds and turtles and fish, and resell them the next day. I suggest that anyone "buying" karma, release the creatures away from the tree - THAT will bring you good karma.

    1. That is unfortunate but how it is every where =/ I did not buy anything, just walked around and enjoyed the beauty and tried to listen to the secrets the tree can tell!