Sa Pa, Vietnam, in photos

8:30am in Sa Pa. Heaven.

I could sit here forever watching the fog go in and out,  but I would also constantly be asked to buy things!

Lots of photos of this church!

For Nate.

My 4 minute boyfriend.

And the clouds come in, and the clouds go out...

Ok, yes, sure, I started weeping from happiness. I wanted Sa Pa to restore my good feelings about Vietnam, and it did. It really doesnt take much, just a beautiful view and nice people.

I make my dreams come true. I have wanted to go here for years!

Terraced rice fields. I cant wait to come back here in the summer (one day..soon..)

Oh, hey Rebecca! She stayed a night with me!

I will say that these women look awesome in those head scarves but tourists like like hipster scum, so annoying.

It was too cold for a body massage so we got foot massages. Mine was great, but I think the lady doing Bec's feet was more interested in her cellphone.

Decisions, decisions. It was a good one!

Movie set for:

Clouds = magic.

The Britney table at m guesthouse.

On my last night in Sa Pa (second to last night in Vietnam), I took myself out to a romantic dinner to celebrate the next phase of my journey in which I am traveling alone. It has been 4 months in the making, but finally I can dance around naked in my room at night while watching HBO movies.

And now, only because I have very little shame, I will share with you one photo of the absolute ridiculous fashion show I put on for Rebecca (bless her heart). See, I like skirts and I guess after 4 months of travel I have been itching for new clothes? I don't know. I am not planning on wearing these things until I am back home. But I felt so ridiculous. I also bought a blanket. So here I am, in all my glory...


  1. How did you get up the mountain next to the city? I probably missed the sign because of to much fog :D

    But very nice pics, especially the ones inside the city are much better than mine.


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