Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vientiane, Laos, in photos

On my way to Vientiane, I passed the mountains of Vang Vieng,
where I did not go because I had no desire to sit in a tube and get drunk.
Welcome to the Sketch Motel. Of course I roomed with 2 girls, and we never exchanged names,
 but had dinner and kept running into each other. 555 (That's Thai for HA HA HA)
I laughed because I could touch the roof of the bus without even standing on my tippy toes. The Laotians laughed too.
Buddha Park, the same sculptor who later created Sala Kaew Ku in Nong Khai.
He (Luang Pu Bunleua Surirat) fled Laos after the Communists took over.
Buddha Park

Look at his face!! 
Nong Khai on the other side! Soooo close to Thailand =)
I liked their dancey warrior poses.

The SE Asian countries Ive been in are reeeally good at providing free ways of keeping their people fit....
...and their tourists.
Wat Sri Saket
Oh, Buddha. Wat Sri Saket has 10,136 Buddha statues.

So cool.
Built from stolen concrete meant for a new airplane runway (given to Laos by the US during the Secret War). Patuxai.
Beautiful, no?
Pha That Luang.
It was closed.
Monk Seng. I gave him my email, uh ohz!
Then I did this at Wat Sok Pa Luang: for 50,000 kip (just over 6 dollars) I drank green tea by the bucketful, sat in a  wonderful herbal sauna, and got a one hour massage.

Oh right, my neighbors had wild, loud, crazy sex (the lady had 3 orgasms one night within an hour!). I was very happy for them, but I could not sleep seeing as all the windows faced into the hallway and theirs faced mine.
Oy, and I had soyyyy milk. REAL soy milk. It was hot and delicious, and I really want more.
Haw Pha Kaeo

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