Friday, March 4, 2011

Hanoi, Vietnam, in photos

On the road to Hanoi from Halong City
Oh, then we got stuck in traffic for 2 hours because of an accident.
Everyone's waiting.
OMG Lenin, my home boy.
In this here mausoleum lies Ho Chi Minh.
Excuse me while I get cynical, who loves his fellow man?
The Ho Chi Minh Museum is very strange. Look! Pens Hoch used!
Oh and the random display of arrests which remind me of the Joker.
Then there was a display of photos of North Korea (or just 'Korea') and Kim Jong-il
Me and Uncle Ho.
The 3rd floor of the Ho Chi Minh Museum is even stranger,
because how else do you display history than with abstract art?
They took Picasso's 'Guernica' and made giant cut outs and chopped up prints of it.
This is not a circus!
There wasn't really an explanation for this.
Ho Chi Minh Museum.
Oh, I didnt know Vietnam was the largest country in the world....
Breakdancers are everywhere. The Vietnamese are quite hip actually. Out of the Thais, Khmers, Lao, and Vietnamese, they've got the coolest clothes and the hippest hair.
The ol' gang having their last dinner together.
The Calgarians and I went to the Water Puppetry Show. It was fantastic.
The music made me want to go "Uh! YEAH!" and the puppets left a permanent smile on my face.

Did you want to buy some flowers? Or mango?
The market was full of 'em.
Like a painting, but it aint!
Hao Lo Prison...or whats left of it. Another strange Hanoi sight complete with eerie music and mannequins to make you feel exactly what the prisoners felt...right. Those two towers were built on most of the former prison grounds, so they constantly remind you of modern Hanoi.
Probably what John McCain said when they pulled him out of the lake "I am a citizen of the United States of America. I do not speak your language. Misfortune forces me to seek your assistance in obtaining food, shelter and protection. Please take me to someone who will provide for my safety and see that I am returned to my people. My government will reward you." Too bad you landed on enemy turf.
Yours truly.
And for your viewing pleasure...

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