Da Lat, Vietnam, in photos

Da Lat, city of eternal spring. 65 degrees. Awesome.
Da Lat, city of contrasts.

Swan lake.


3.5 MILLION DONG! Yeah, $175.

Helmet kids are here.

Makin' friends everywhere...

Swiss cable cars in Vietnam!!!

Elephant Waterfall

Elepant Waterfall

Random boy want to take coupley photos with me.

Crazy House!!!

Crazy house!

The (female) architect got her degree in architecture from Moscow University...but you can see the Gaudi influence!! Woo Barcelona!

At the Flower Garden


Listening to flower secrets.

Lang Biang Mountains

How cool are we?

They dont have rice fields in Da Lat, they have strawberry and flower fields!

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Valley of Love

Friends everywhere!

Buddha =)

Final sunset


  1. Dasha, the pictures are awesome! You're one lucky gal!!!!!!



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