Dashville7: The Video

Hey guys!

I'm not master video editor (aside from my glorious song/video for my mom) but I wanted to put a video together of all the shenanigans from my 30th birthday trip to Nashville. It's kind of split in two parts: 1. Dancing/music/drama/fun times and 2. chill/Land Between the Lakes/singing/guitar playing! The video is 10 minutes long so I anticipate only members of Dashville7 will watch it - but enjoy!


1. Dancing on a street at 0:20
2. Dancing on a bridge at 0:42
3. Ursula's PSA to bell makers everywhere at 1:13
4. Savva broke is iWatch at 1:59
5. Bieber mania at 2:23
6. Ursula's awesome rendition of "Walk the Line" at 3:40
7. Dancing to Michael Jackson's"Earth Song" at 4:30
7. Quick second of me singing En Vogue at 4:36
8. James walking in on 4 ladies dancing to Michael Jackson at 5:00 (and we continued to dance)
9. "I'm in freaking Kentucky!" at 5:36
10. Elk and Bison Prairie at 5:42
11. Admiring the bison and wondering about it's happiness at 6:49
12. Singing Fiona Apple in the car at 8:08
13. James soloing on guitar at Fanny's at 9:11


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