Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Little Bit of Music in Music City

Welcome to Music City!
Gibson guitar at the airport.
According to local oral tradition, when Nashville's Fisk Jubilee Singers performed for Queen Victoria in 1873, she was so impressed and said they had to be from Music City. Others say that Nashville was nicknamed "Music City" by a radio DJ in 1950, regardless, the history of music business in Nashville goes back hundreds of years! In 1950 Nashville was the place to be for jumping blues, R&B, gospel, and pop music. Before World War II, the big Nashville hotels had in-house dance orchestras where many singers got their start. These days when we think of Nashville, we think of country music on full blast - and that is very true, but the city is also home to all kinds of music genres.

Dashville7 consists of musicians and singers. Ursula and I went to performing arts high school and grew up singing and playing guitar. Rikka played flute in marching band. Savva is now a filmmaker (and recently filmed Joan Jett, Slash, and other rock musicians!) and also plays guitar and drums. Jess played violin in her high school's symphony orchestra. James is always in bands playing guitar or bass. So, Nashville was a perfect place for us all to gather and enjoy the musical vibes. We did not experience a lot of the music scene in Nashville, but we did get a good introduction. I hope to return one day soon to do some more exploring and maybe catching a show at Jack White's Blue Room!
Welcome to Music City, where Johnny Cash and music greet you at the airport!
Johnny Cash Museum

I am happy to admit that years ago Ursula and I watched the movie about Johnny Cash staring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon "Walk the Line" in theaters in 2005. Ever since then I have liked Johnny Cash's music especially his live albums at Folsom Prison and San Quentin. As a result I was excited to go to the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville! I learned a lot about the Man in Black including his belief in pro-rehabilitation/anti-punishment in prisons. This is a major part of the work that I do, and it was so great to discover that a musician I really like shared and advocated for these same beliefs!
The beamed up Johnny Cash from the grave for this photo. This is not a wax sculpture!

Third Man Records

I don't want to risk sounding like a fangirl, so here are some photos of Third Man Records, Jack White's record store/studio/venue in Nashville. It's really dope.
The other half of the building has a blue door
Third Man Records
Coolest ladies
Having a blast. Bought only 3 records. Only.
This place is so freaking cool.
White Stripes Memorabilia
Savva playing Metallica, of course.
Rikka with the 3 Men
Fanny's House of Music
We stumbled upon Fanny's House of Music in the neighborhood of East Nashville on our last day. This place is filled with musical instruments, vintage clothing, fun jewelry, and some fantastic staff members. We spent too much/not enough time here playing different things and Rikka and I listened to some music stories told by a woman who works at the store. 

Check out all these cool lady musicians and their guitars!

Is this uke in tune or am I just rusty?

The Hot Musical Mess that is Downtown/NashVegas/Broadway

Want to listen to some live music and then walk next door and listen to more live music and then walk next door and ....? Want to buy boots while some dude plays guitar on the street outside the store? Want to sing karaoke after seeing all that live music? Welcome to Downtown - find yourself on the 2-3 block stretch on Broadway that will allow you to do all of the above and then some! It wouldn't be the place I would choose to hang out if I lived in Nashville, but it sure was a whirlwind of sound and light to experience for one night!

A music venue every 20 steps.

Robert's Western World is a must-see even if it is jam packed. The live band here was fantastic.

<3 These two and their surprise
Next door was Layla's Bluegrass Inn.
The omnipresent AT&T tower.

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