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Watkins Glen and Taughannock Falls - NY

Livin' in the big city can through a woods lovin' girl for a loop sometimes. I kind of always knew I'd turn into a woods lovin' girl, and I see myself down the line (after a good long while [social] working with court-involved youth and their families and changing the way juvenile justice functions) moving to the woods or just closer to greenery. My parents sent me and my brother off to camps or grandmothers of friends for the summer each summer for years. Our dearest friend Tkalich (RIP sensai) built a house up in Willowemoc 20 or so years ago and we have been going up there as a family once or twice a year for at least 14 years (it's where we were for good ol' Y2K). So while I may not be taking big journeys across the Pacific or the Atlantic or across any state or country borders these days, I'm still trying to get my escape on...So, when we go Upstate NY, we always stay at Tkalich's house - there's no toilet (outhouse set up out back, don't d…