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Friendship, food, and dancing, Georgian style

The connections my family re-kindled and made while in Georgia were filled with warmth, dancing, singing, wine and long toasts of appreciation. I want to use this post to share about Georgian food, friendship, and dancing through photos and videos. Every night our hosts in every city treated us to all of the Georgian food there is and taught us how to dance. We drank wine and chacha! I haven't even mentioned chacha yet?! Chacha is a brandy which is also called "grape vodka" and we were offered shots of this everywhere we went. Georgians love their cheese and bread, too. Eggplant and pomegranate seeds also make it into many dishes. The best way to eat at the table is for the plates to keep stacking on top of each other for everyone to see just how much food the table has eaten! And of course, the whole night is devoted to making long toasts led by a toast master.


Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region of Georgia

Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti was the 4th of the 9 regions of Georgia that we visited on our 8-day Georgian exploration. This region has quite the variety in flora and fauna from the palm trees by the Black Sea to the snowcapped Caucasus mountains. We visited serene Tsalenjikha and the resort town of Anaklia and finally got to see the Black Sea while in the region! My dad spent a month in Tsalenjikha in the 1980s to visit Valeriy and had many fond memories of  the good times he had with Valeriy and their friend Vepha. I am including some old family photos because they are fun and why not include them!