Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just call my name, and I'll be there.

I wound up having to surprise all of my family members separately (all 3 of them - the Thais were so greatly saddened by this), this is the first one (if you don't know Russian, you may be at a loss). Also, apparently my Russian accent comes out when Im on camera about to surprise my family....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kuala Lumpur (Malacca for a minute), Malaysia

On the almost 24 hour ride from Krabi Town to Kuala Lumpur, I met Yu - he may come through NY in the early fall and I hope we can meet up =) He is a part of the Rainbow Planet Project - you can see my wonderful drawing for the project on my lap.
I stayed with Andrew and his family in KL. (Remember Andrew from Koh Samui and Koh Phangan in December? If you tell me I can come stay with you, I will make it happen!). We are eatimg Indian food here: Banana leaf!
Hipsters in KL ready for MGMT
MGMT is lame live.
But I got some good photos.
We went clubbing
Just a ordinary club toilet! So many pretty things to look at.
Andrew, me, Jeff. This one's for you, Ros!!
These two are hilarious. Another one for you, Ros!
KL was a food experience!! Mostly delicious Indian food, but this is actually Chinese rice and chicken.
Outside one of the many malls.
Petronas Towers. I just love saying that "Petronas..."
At Toyrs R Us, they sell Ferrari baby car seats.
Mel and I having a durian dinner! Yum. I really like durian!
Malacca - Oldest church in Malaysia.
Dramatic in Malacca
Malacca. We went in search of the colorful windows and walls, but this is all we found.
Watched a Battle of the bands. Just in case you thought Malaysians couldn't rock, they can.
This guy was the best.
Mangosteen - like a beautiful wooden carving of a fruit.
More Indian! Ps - if you can ever try Masala Tea, do it.
Shashi and I strolled around Little India and got me some bangles and an Indian shirt. So wonderful.

Shashi and I (Andrew's mom)
Mangosteen, what a delciious fruit! Do we have this in NY? I must find it!
Whatever you want....on a stick!
Petronas on the left, KL Tower on the right.
Banana Leaf again!
Batu Caves. A great experience.

I went to Paris....(Genting Highlands)
....and visited all the American staples (Genting Highlands)
Last dinner with the Nettos. Thanks for taking me in, guys!!!

Return to Krabi Town, Thailand

Ran into Pao, who helped me with teaching at Wat Kao last year, he invited me to his house for lunch! This is Pao with his son August =)
Krabi Town weekend market
Hipster fashion is everywhere.
Last meal in Thailand for the foreseeable future...
With Mui and her family. Thanks for everything =)
Last mango with sticky rice and coconut milk treat. YUM!