Saturday, October 30, 2010

You'll always be my boo.

In Thai, the word boo means paternal grandfather.

Makes this song take on a whole new meaning.

That's "Mrs. Mother" to you!

"As in Thai society, so within the family itself, a child quickly learns where he or she stands in relation to the other people under the same roof. Your elders are your betters in Thai tradition and should be given due deference. Mother and father are mea and paw respectively, and the child will learn to address them as khun mea and khun paw (Mrs. Mother and Mr. Father.)"

Things that make me excited...

Last night, I reserved a room for myself at the Chanti Lodge (thank you Crystal) in Bangkok for 4 nights (Tuesday - Saturday of next week!). The website informed me it was necessary to call the guesthouse to confirm 5 days in advance, so at 3:30 in the morning, minutes after making the reservation, I called Thailand!!!!!! I spoke with Thailand for 7 minutes!!!! I can't believe I will be there in 4 days.

Things that make me excited: I will not be here when my parents recieve that cell phone bill. Oops.