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Hikes and bears on Giant Ledge

Hike name: Giant Ledge (on Panther Mountain) Length: 7 miles, but we did about 7.5 due to a wrong turn/singing Disney tunes and not paying attention to trail markers Peak elevation: 3,170ft (966m)

It was a girls weekend, something I'd never done! And of course we called ourselves "Team Bad" in homage to Michael Jackson. Eda, Rachel, and I drove up to Rikka's house and the 4 of us ventured out to the Woodland Valley Campgrounds near the town of Phoenicia in the Catskill Mountains. Saturday was for campin' and hikin'. Sunday we breakfasted in Phoenicia, and then rode jet skis in the Hudson River (a first for me!).
I'd done the Giant Ledge hike twice previously with my family - it was where my family and close friends spread the ashes of a very dear friend in 2006. Usually it's been a easy, breezy 3 mile round-trip hike from the parking lot, but going from Woodland Valley Campgrounds more than doubled that. Worth the trek as the view up there. whether summer…

Sconset Bluff, darling

Siasconset - or Sconset - is a village on Nantucket where erosion is quickly blowing away the bluff. About 3 - 4 feet of the bluff disappears every year, with storms increasing that rate. Homes have been relocated, and the site creates a tug of war of man vs nature. Is it worth saving these homes when ultimately the inevitable will happen - the island of Nantucket will erode and disappear one day altogether? While we, the locals, and the summer residents ponder this question, take a gander at how beautiful this little area on a little island is - it reminds me of a small village in France. The Bluff walk is a public walk but zigzags through the backyards of many homes so you sort of feel like you're intruding, but you also feel like they're intruding. Ah, man vs. nature, a long existing battle.

Nature Walks on Nantucket

Nantucket is beautiful - here is the proof! Lindsey took me on 4 nature walks during my 5 day stay, here are photos from 3 of them: One was to the Secret Island (Shh, it's a secret), the second was Mizzenmast, and the third was through the Moors - one of the longest walks on the island and along which, in a secret spot Lindsey and Aaron got married in May. The fourth walk was was along Sconset Bluff, which I decided to post about separately.

Thanks to my wonderful hosts, Lindsey and Aaron!