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Long Weekend Exploring Atlanta, Georgia

This past February I took a long weekend trip to visit my sweet friends Sarah & Mike just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in Marietta. 75 degree weather and flowers blooming in February combined with cheap rent and friendly folks? I'll take it! It was a packed few days filled with catching up at all kinds of restaurants, getting our awareness and knowledge on at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, being completely stunned and awed by the beauty at the Georgia Aquarium, and then recording some tunes. Many, many moons ago when we were 19, Mike and I were briefly in a band together! We often exchange music these days and collaborate every few years to record some music. It was an all-around great trip and I wanted to share the highlights and including one of the songs we recorded. Check the song first and the photos follow.

When the social worker friend comes to town you know some education has to happen! It was a tough call between the National Center for Civil and Human…

Autumn Colors in Denver

It's springtime in New York, and the flowers are slowly starting to bloom. This late winter confused them with the warm days followed by snowstorms. I miss colors and greenery and find myself thinking back to the gorgeous autumn colors I saw in Denver this past October. Just wanted to share some of the photos with you from my walks around town as well as to the Botanical Gardens. Enjoy the colors =)

Oh, and because no Denver post these days is complete without Fra