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Weekend Road Trip around Hudson Valley with PapaBear

Back in July, my dad and I took a weekend road trip to several spots and towns in Hudson Valley. The river was our compass, the van our hotel. Our family always goes to the same house upstate New York in Willowemoc, but we are not a family of sameness - in fact, this is the first summer in years that I have not been to upstate New York with my mother or brother. This is the second trip my dad and I took this summer together...which is remarkable because before this year I cannot for the life of me remember when my dad and I ever took a trip together. 
My dad goes upstate almost every weekend in the summer. Once his summer day camp is over he usually escapes for one week driving around garage sales, exploring art galleries and music scenes, and talking with everyone he possibly can. He knows the Hudson Valley and lower Catskills very well! This trip our stops included: Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Beacon, and New Paltz. I'd never see most of the places we visited, but FINALLY I was able …