Sunday, November 11, 2018

Pacific Rim Tour Stop 2: Australia!

After a few days of Los Angeles exploring and friendship bonding, I crossed the Pacific Ocean for the second stop on the Pacific Rim Tour of 2018: AUSTRALIA! It was just a quick 15 hours through the night. This flight video blew my mind so I had to share it with you all.

Population: 24.8 million in a country as big as the United States (population 323.1 million!).

Australia has 6 states:
1. New South Wales.
2. Victoria
3. Queensland
4. Western Australia
5. South Australia
6. Tasmania

There are also two territories:
1. Northern Territory
2. ACT (Australian Capital Territory)

I spent three weeks exploring:
1. Sydney and the Blue Mountains in New South Wales

2. Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island in Victoria

3. Brisbane and Gold Coast in Queensland.

I traveled alone for the most part until the last week which was split between friends in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Sasha and Dasha in Brisbane
Dasha and Bec in Byron Bay

Pacific Rim Tour Stop 1: Los Angeles

March 1st I left NYC for the Pacific Rim Tour of 2018 - Los Angeles, Australia, Bali Indonesia, Singapore, Seattle WA, and Portland OR. I booked this trip months before, planning for a break between my crisis intervention therapist job and moving to Colorado. Boy, did I predict needing a break! By the time I left my job mid-February I was the most burnt out I'd ever been and craving for some selfish alone time where I didn't have to talk to anyone and could just look at beautiful things in beautiful places.

Los Angeles was my first stop to visit my friend Sini and her fiance John. Their wedding was at the end of April in Tennessee so my 2 month trip started and ended with these lovebirds. Mostly Sini and I worked on her wedding invitations, but I did some solo and group exploring as well. It was a nice, chill start to vacation life.
Sini working on her handmade invitations 
During winter 2017, the movie "All the Money in the World" came out about a kidnapping that occurred in the Getty family bringing this family/tale to my awareness. Whilst in LA we all decided to visit the Getty Villa to see the grounds and the art collection J. Paul Getty amassed during his lifetime. Yes, the same Getty that the "Getty images" stamp is seen on many online images. Here are some photos of the beautiful grounds including the various tiled floors that I was obsessed with.

Then we drove north to El Matador State Beach. California really does have such epic cliff falls and ocean views.

Can you see me?
The next day we drove over to the Griffith Observatory. I had not been there since August 2010 and wanted to see the building and the views again!

John, Sini, and me =)
Look how I am naturally sitting here.
I finally had energy to bike ride all over the beach area from Santa Monica to Venice Beach and had a super fun time. California is such a beautiful state no matter where you go!

A sign of things to come...

California, why are you so beautiful?!

Just casually laying here reading about Australia.
I was really excited to be on this bike ride!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Miami in December

Great view out of the airbnb.
Working as a social worker/therapist in a intensive crisis intervention program, I reached the point a year in where I was starting to feel a bit tired. The winter months were beginning to seep in as well, and the cold and gray of New York City was not of any help. I have to be honest here - I had been saving for a big trip and was going to just suck it up a few more months before I left for that...but my amazing dad who spends zero pennies pointed out that I was, in fact, burned out and helped me out financially with a long weekend trip to Miami. It's always a question I get - how do you afford to travel so much? Well, I save a ton of money, I stay with friends, and recently I have begun to use miles, and trips with my parents are always covered by them - which is a privilege I do not take for granted. However, the last time my parents chipped in to pay for a trip of mine was when I was 19 and about to backpack through Europe with a friend. Meaning, clearly I was in a bad way and my dad found it imperative to send me away. What a nice dad! I am incredibly lucky. My Colorado friend Frank joined me on this trip because doctor's get burned out too, and we got to hang with my brother for a day! It was a weekend filled with fun, murals, art due to Art Basel week, and swimming when it was warm enough. Here's a glimpse:
Day one already off to a good start. 85 degrees.
My brother, Savva, had just wrapped up shooting the muralists who paint walls all over Wynwood.
As a result, we got a really fantastic tour from him!
But first up - my first poke bowl at Ono Poke Shop. It was delicious.
The burn out.s Get it? Ha, ha, ha

Savva and I wanted to snap a photo with Bruno Mars.

Wynwood murals

Love this one!
Savva suggested the artist put a dolphin there/
In Progress.
Then the closed off the streets for the parties...

I was so happy these two finally met!
Miss you Barry <3
If I looked like this would Batman love me then??
Incredible succulent displays at Plant the Future
I'll take one of everything, thank you.
Moss wall at Plant the Future
Wynwood by night
Dr. Frank was into it.
Day 2 was colder but the early morning (like 7am) was still dry, so I went for a swim!
It was 50 something and rainy the next day, so to The Bass we went!
Ugo Rondinone at The Bass
Ugo Rondinone at The Bass
My best pout is me trying not to laugh.
Couple o' ruminating clowns.
Ugo Rondinone outside The Bass
Grey Miami, Art Deco buildings
That cup of peppermint teabag was $6!
Welcome to The Delano!
The Art Basel display in one of the bathrooms at the Miami Beach Cinematheque
at the historic South Beach City Hall. We watched an artsy movie about art.
Day 3 was in the 60s but damn it I swam and the water was warmer than the air!
I also had this ridiculous beverage at the airbnb/hotel poolside.
Lights out in Miami. Bye!