Monday, September 2, 2013

Hunter, NY for the (Women's) Independence Day Holiday

For July 4th weekend - my mom and I went upstate NY to Hunter to stay with a friend of hers. In short, it was wonderful. We labeled it Women's Independence Day and had a fantastic time - swam in a waterfall, ate good food, drank wine, were frequent users of the jacuzzi and pond, went on a hike, and just relaxed our faces off. Here goes...

Hunter is a town in Greene County, New York. The Town of Hunter contains two villages: Hunter and Tannersville. Hunter is in the Catskill Mountains and contains the Hunter Mountain which is about 4,040 feet high (with a fire tower at the top for 360 views!). In the wintertime some individuals come here to ski - ie, my parents. In the summertime, it is a great place to hike and enjoy the great outdoors. Are you ready for photos of me, Tanya, and Tanya enjoying the great outdoors?? I sure am!

In Tannersville.

Short hike in Platte Clove Wilderness Preserve

Short hike in Platte Clove Wilderness Preserve

Short hike in Platte Clove Wilderness Preserve

Plattekill Falls - freeeeezing even in July!

Just a random beautiful spot!

Snack time. Yum!

Tanya and Tanya. If you know what I look like, you know who my mom is!

Going up Hunter Mountain on a ski lift? Why not! Also not seen here - you can zipline here, we didn't.

Hunter Mountain. Apparently Tanya saw bears out of little caves around here once.

Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain

Do you know the story of Rip Van Winkle? He haunts the area. Basically he went up the mountain for whatever reason,
met some folks, partied so hard that he slept for a bazillion years to awake old with a long beard. He came down the mountain and saw his baby children now as adults. Lesson: Don't party so hard you miss out on life.
Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain - at the top is this fire tower. 4,040 feet.

A hike on July 4th merits an American flag. 'Merica.

Hey mom, take a photo of me here.

Ski lifting ourselves down. Ski dropping?

Tanya's Russian bathhouse, artificial pond with natural spring water and spring water jacuzzi. 

Ferns seem to make the woods very pretty and mystical.

Mom being one with nature!