Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hiking Bull Hill (Mt. Taurus)

This winter was very mild and allowed for some hiking in December without snow or heavy coats! In early December, my friends Frank, James 'n Jess 'n their dog Lamb Chop and I drove up to Hudson Valley to hike Mt. Taurus, which is usually called Bull Hill. Bull Hill is the mountain right next to Breakneck Ridge! It was a fairly easy hike with a few very rewarding views of the Hudson River. We took the Washburn Trail, left on the Undercliff Trail, and another left on the Cornish Trail doing a big loop which included the dudes rock climbing on the ruins of the Northgate/Cornish Estate.

Hike Length: ~4.1 miles
Hike Time: 3.5 hours
Peak Elevation: 1,276ft (388m)

When you get to this quarry, it can distract you from the path.
You want to turn a sharp right before you enter this beautiful spot.
But you can always pose for some photos first!
James and Lamb Chop enjoying the Hudson River views.

Two of us are wearing t-shirts in December! Unbelievable!
Decade long friendship and James' nose.

Northgate/Cornish Estate Ruins
Abandoned things on the Northgate/Cornish Estate
Northgate/Cornish Estate
This place makes me think of magical and wonderful things.
Northgate/Cornish Estate
Northgate/Cornish Estate - good for bouldering enthusiasts.
Good night, moon.

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