Friday, July 6, 2012

Back to Istanbul...

I had 1.5 days back in Istanbul and had to make the most of it - this meant very little sleep, a bit of sight seeings, a tad of partying, and a whole lot of lahmacun (my new favorite food).

We ate good food.
Made it to the Grand Bazaar.
Too many pretty things.
My Turkish baba makin' deals.
We spent a lot of time in here spending a whole lot of money. Hasan looks like he's 25!
Gold for Lauri!

Fresh orange juice everywhere we go!
Basilica Cistern - underground cistern from the Byzantine era 532 AD. The roof is held up by 336 columns. 

Have you noticed how much more blond I am?
Sideways Medusa.
Upside down Medusa.
I met Sarp who just graduated with his BA and is smoothly moving into his MA.
Dodo and his half naked friend Ari.
Americans and Turks.
Dodo, me, and Canan at Mini Music Hall.
Me and Duman.
Aybel my Turkish mama. I miss you! Also, Duman took this photo!
Bosphorus sailing.
Goodbye Turkey! The only time I saw the Black Sea was from the airplane.

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