Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My last day was....

First off, all the boys I hung out with in my ten days in Munich agreed that I absolutely had to get a dindrl. You should see how their eyes light up just at the idea of a woman in a dindrl. Likewise you should see how my eyes light up at the thought of having a random outfit in my closet. So I went back to the C&A mall and tried on a few more dresses. You only have to scroll all the way down to find out which one I purchased.
This one was the first one I tried on earlier in the week.


Hmm, and then I flew from Munich to Moscow where I had a 6 hour layover.

Its a fake thumbs up because I planned and hoped so much to actually go to Russia on this trip, but because Russian buracracy is worse than an office that does not have paper on people to work in it, it did not work out.
I bought souvenirs for myself.
I hung out with Ke from Virginia for 5 of the hours. We had a ball. He saved for years to come to Germany and attend the opera or orchestral concerts everyday for two weeks. How awesome is that! 

Guess who's home? This Bavarian Russian.

What up JFK airport?

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