Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phnom Penh, in photos

Belly Water
Choeun Ek Genocidal Museum. Sad. Dont want to post many photos. Read up on your Cambodian history.

I saw every emotion in her face and had to capture her forever for myself.

Happy Pizza. Means exactly what you think it does. Did not have any.

Psychedelic Buddha at a wat. Most of the wats were destroyed by the Khmer Rouge (monks were killed), so the wats are mostly new with more modern decorations.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace grounds.

Royal Palace grounds.
Royal palace grounds

"Let's take a group picture.""Group?""Small group."
It's a gigantic cymbal!

Cambodian flag.
I only put this here because we walked for what seemed like days to find the tiny German embassy because he thought MAYBE he could have a beer with someone inside. (The American embassy is huge, like an NYC block, with 4 meter high fences, and security guards on every corner. Wouldn't hear the end of it.)
You could probably add more to the top.
Russian Market. Ain't nothin' Russian about it.
Women are in pajamas every where here!!
The German and I came to a random restaurant where the menu was in Khmer, so we picked random numbers from whatever 1 to like 129 (62 and 79) and got squid and baby chicken. Soooooooo good.

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