Friday, January 28, 2011

Koh Rong Saloem, Lazy Beach, in photos

Ferry rides.
Best sunset that I took only one photo of unfortunately.
The eating location at night. Full Moon! You know its a good place when they play
Gorillaz, Joanna Newsom, and Bob Dylan.
More sunsets. They never get old.
The beach on the other side....magic!
Underwater features on cameras are awesome.
This is how I swim underwater, always throwing the peace sign.
Canadians from Calgary had a fire. There were about 14 people there, 
which ís about hơw many people there were on thís private almost deserted beach.
Slack lining German.
Being lazy.
Being lazy. I mean,we were there for 6 nights - you've NEVER been that lazy in your life.
Short hike up to see our Lazy Beach.
Crab night!
Final sunset. Tear. I was itching to move on though.
Two hammocks so the German and I didnt have to fight over 'em.


  1. nice pics..make me wanna get a camera and takes pic..except of what??? brighton 15? geeezzz lluuezzzz

  2. this place looks soooooo good right now! and probably looks good anytime, actually...girl, you are so lucky you aren't here 2 feet deep in snow! but i miss you<3 ~pistola*