Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wat Thai of Los Angeles

In my post last year, I talked about Wat Thai of Los Angeles - the biggest Thai temple in the United States! Well, last summer, July - August, I went on a 6 week road trip with a couple of friends and convinced them to make a stop at this temple! It was a sweaty, hot day and it reminded me of the sweaty, hot days I lived in Thailand. There is also a food market on the grounds that has Thai iced tea and all sorts of other goods - I didn't see any roti, though!
Thai temple in the distance!
Queen's birthday is occasion to celebrate Mother's Day!
Gosh, I miss these altars.

Reminded me of the goods sold during lunch at the school I volunteered at - Thai iced tea included.
The American version of a Thai food market. Awesome.
Thai iced tea, of course!
And then across the street, we went to Pratanum Market where I stocked up on goodies!

Plenty of Thai tea to go around. The Tamarind candies were gross. Of course, all of this added up to well over how much one would pay for it in Thailand. Well worth the detour, though!

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