Thursday, August 2, 2012

Denver, it's pretty alright.

I went to visit my good ol' friend Frank in Denver, Colorado where he's being a doctor and all. A few days later our friend James came.

Denver is called the "Mile High City" because it is between 5,130-5,680 feet (1,564-1,731m) which is about a mile. It is also the capital of Colorado. The city itself is pretty flat, but less than an hours drive West will take you to the Rocky Mountains where you can explore lakes, rivers, canyons, and of course gorgeous views of mountains. According to wikipedia, there are just shy of 620,000 people in the city of Denver but I have no idea where they all are. Hikin', boulderin', and adventurin' I presume.

Lots o' old lookin' red brick buildings
I liked the name.
I decided to make cobbler for the fellas. Cookin'  at higher altitude can be a challenge...
...a mostly succeeded. It was more of a Strawberry 'n Butter Cobbler than just a regular ol' Strawberry Cobbler.
Modern day house wife dream?
There are a lot of cool houses.

James, Frank, Joe as Frank tells the best story you will never hear.
                  Frank and James figured out the formula to calculate the day of the week of any year, any month, any day. Because they wanted to be autistic savants.


Denver Public Library! Michael Graves is the architect behind the Central Library's postmodern design. It's pretty cool.
Clean Art.
Denver City and County Building
Colorado State Capitol
Parts of downtown Denver
Don't they know that Brooklyn deli's don't close!?
South Platte River

Have brunch at Jelly Cafe.
Do it! We went there twice!
In case you're a dork like us and couldn't get enough of the first video... 

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