Monday, November 10, 2014

Ocean Beach and a San Franciscan Wedding

A gorgeous flower in the Outer Sunset district.
I had the pleasure of visiting San Francisco for a sixth (!!) time this past October for the sweet wedding of two beautiful people I know (Michelle + Bryan). While the wedding and seeing friends from all over this country were the main events, I did also stay with Kelly again for a couple of nights in the Outer Sunset district. Every time I come to this wonderful city I discover something new! This time around I explored the Outer Sunset district and walked around Ocean Beach for a few hours watching the weather go from a gloomy, cloudy gray to bright, sunny warmth. Here are some photos of my favorite city, and a few from a pretty sweet wedding.

In the Outer Sunset district, surfers surf the sky!
Outer District houses. I'll spare you the dozens of house photos I took.
But look at them! They're so different from all the other houses I've seen in San Francisco!
Monterey Cypress trees are one of my favorites.
I'm telling you, it wasn't that windy this is just the tree's lifestyle. Ocean Beach.
Ocean Beach
So foggy it may as well be a black and white photo. Ocean Beach.
Welcome to the Bay Area and Fog. It comes, it goes. Ocean Beach.
It's almost like birds did my hair this morning. Ocean Beach.
Ocean Beach.
Ocean Beach.

Weddin' time!
The lovely wedding took place at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. You couldn't count the flowers if you tried! It was beautiful and filled with love. So happy I was able to be there!

I love these people.
I believe the young people would call this "relationship goals".

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