Monday, September 15, 2014

Nature Walks on Nantucket

Nantucket is beautiful - here is the proof! Lindsey took me on 4 nature walks during my 5 day stay, here are photos from 3 of them: One was to the Secret Island (Shh, it's a secret), the second was Mizzenmast, and the third was through the Moors - one of the longest walks on the island and along which, in a secret spot Lindsey and Aaron got married in May. The fourth walk was was along Sconset Bluff, which I decided to post about separately.

Secret walk to a secret island.

Hazelnuts live here.
Bayberry - used to make candles!

Glorious, truly. There were egrets in the water and deer in the distance. Peaceful and beautiful.

Walking along the Mizzenmast trail.

Must be lovely to live in a spot like this.

Swamp mallow plants.

Walking along The Moors

Thanks to my wonderful hosts, Lindsey and Aaron!

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