Sconset Bluff, darling

Siasconset - or Sconset - is a village on Nantucket where erosion is quickly blowing away the bluff. About 3 - 4 feet of the bluff disappears every year, with storms increasing that rate. Homes have been relocated, and the site creates a tug of war of man vs nature. Is it worth saving these homes when ultimately the inevitable will happen - the island of Nantucket will erode and disappear one day altogether? While we, the locals, and the summer residents ponder this question, take a gander at how beautiful this little area on a little island is - it reminds me of a small village in France. The Bluff walk is a public walk but zigzags through the backyards of many homes so you sort of feel like you're intruding, but you also feel like they're intruding. Ah, man vs. nature, a long existing battle.

I am almost as tall as this house.

Interesting shape.
Down to the beach.
This path will lead you to the Bluff walk.

Freshly re-shingled cedar, soon it will weather and turn gray.
The most unique house on the island???

First time I tried a fresh rosehip. Tart.
We saw a seal in the water right there! I promise!!

Sconset bunny says "Bye!"


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