Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ausable Chasm, the Grand Canyon of the East

Ausable Chasm is called the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks because it is a gigantic sandstone gorge on the east coast. Sure it is no Grand Canyon, but I was so pleasantly surprised and delighted the magnitude of Ausable Chasm. It is America's oldest natural attraction, open for exploring since 1870. You can walk the 4 different trails (2 miles one way) and explore Rainbow Falls, the ins and outs of the gorge, raft the water, and you can even rock climb and adventure if you pay for a guide. Worth the trip, ya'll!

Early father's day trip, behind us the start of Rainbow Falls.

EPIC views!! (Now google what it looks like in the wintertime)
Rainbow Falls and Ausable River

Always good to look up for a new perspective.
Look at how tiny the railing is on the left side.

Look how massive this canyon is!

Look at that moss!!
6 foot father looks so small in the chasm!

We went on a raft through the chasm!
This is possibly the happiest our mom was in recent times because she was in a raft!
Entering the Grand Flume, the deepest part of the chasm (90 feet of water below us)

Things even out after the rapids.
The rapids
That was us!

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