Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hiking Cascade Mountain in the Adirondacks

Our great family road trip through the Adirondacks allowed us to fit in one hike with the most rewarding view: Cascade Mountain. It was the first hike of the season and I would be lying if I said it was easy. It was a moderate hike with some steep points, but once you're at the summit you feel so positive and happy that you got 360 views out of it it no longer matters. Also, it was the perfect day for a hike as it was overcast the whole time, and the rain only started towards the end.

Hike Length: 4.8 miles rountrip (7.7) 
Hike Time: 4 hours total 
Peak Elevation: 4,098 feet (1,249m)

Ah, yes, the green calm of the woods.

The hike had several areas with these steep natural steps.
Tree support
I can see the sky again!
First view point!
The family that hikes together, stays together!
You can choose to finish Cascade mountain,
but I heard that the Porter Mountain viewpoint is even better and less crowded.

One of those is Mt. Marcy, the highest Adirondack peak.

The crowd at the very top.

This is our token sibling hike pose.
What a great photo of Savva!

Dad, post hike, complete with flower.

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