Monday, October 24, 2016

Day Trip to Quebec City

The drive from Montreal to Quebec City was about 3 hours, so Eda, Owen and I were able to get there early enough to have a full day and evening in the city! While we got to walk and see a whole lot of Montreal, we did not have the same opportunity in Quebec City. However, we did notice that Montreal was beautiful and interesting all over, while Quebec City's culture seemed to be targeted to the almost Disneyland style of it's old city. However, we got to check out Montmorency Falls and Ile d'Orleans, an island borough of Quebec City. Afterall, what would a trip with Dasha be without some nature views?! 

Montmorency Falls
Loving the waterfall breeze!
Lovers and Montmorency Falls

Downtown Quebec City from the falls.
Ile d'Orleans on the other side of that bridge.
Pastoral Ile d'Orleans 

Strawberry fields forever <3

Lunch at a lovely fromagerie!
Best. Lunch. I want this now.

Storm's a'brewin'.

Old Quebec
My best Eda style pose. Old Quebec.
(hotel) Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
My photography skills are available for hire for couples photo shoots.
Old Quebec, like a toy town.
Old Quebec. Breakneck Steps (L'Escalier Casse-Cou)
Girlfriends straight chillin' in Old Quebec.
Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
Old Quebec
Like, is this place real?
Lovers in Canada <3
In case you forgot that we are not serious people.
Walking around Old Quebec fortified city walls
Walking around Old Quebec fortified city walls
Night views.
Welcome back to the United States of America!

Last one. Instant Classic. Lake George behind us. USA.