Monday, October 24, 2016

Exploring Nantucket with Mama!

Yes, yes it is true, I went to Nantucket again this summer. Listen, it's a great place! I have a wonderful friend there, and she and her sweet husband were pregnant with their first baby. So naturally I had to go! And bring my mom this time! ...The reality is that this was my 5th time on Nantucket. Lindsey showed us around every day and almost every moment. We barely saw Aaron because he was working so much
1: Me and Lindsey in summer 2009 blueberry picking =)
2: Fall 2010 cranberry picking.
Technically this was on mainland, but we did go to Nantucket for the day.
3: May 2014 - These two lovebirds got married! 
4: Summer 2014 - vacation on Nantucket!

5th Time on Nantucket!

Hi! Welcome!

I want this tree house.
Where else am I going to see 200 baby chicks!?

First time seeing purple peppers!
Mama and I stayed at the Hawthorn Inn. First time ever I stayed at a hotel on Nantucket.
Let me tell you, NOT CHEAP! Thanks mom.
Reunited and things look a little different ;)
The only time I went to the beach this summer.
Lindsey and I took my mom to pretty Siasconset.
Tall women or short houses?
These two really like each other.
Favorite Sconset Bluff house
Mama is very happy.
Friends for 10 years. Plus a great tree.
Look at those lillies!!
Finally made it  to the Nantucket Whaling Museum
Detailed carvings on whale bone
Nantucket Whaling Museum

The Russians approve of this island.

Oh, right, 6th time on Nantucket was October 2016:

Because Lindsey and Aaron are parents now!

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