Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dedicated to Astrid & Leanne

On Tuesday, November 9th, I left the city of Chiang Mai for a 3 day/2 night trek with the cuddly Pong and a group of 10 people in total: 4 Canadians travelin' and being lame together, a quiet German couple, an older Aussia gentleman, and 2 other solo travelin' girls: Astrid from Austria and Leanne from England. The three of us quickly became friends due to our very similar attitudes and feelings on everything we were experiencing. We bonded over being travelers/adventurers as opposed to tourists who fail to show respect to the Thai culture and people. We trekked through the jungle laughing and smiling nonstop and appreciating every single leaf, butterfly, smell, epic view, rice field, color, person, silence, step, and waterfall. I felt so fortunate to have met them and was even more lucky to find they felt the same!

When we returned to Chiang Mai, we continued to hang together and get dinner or whatever else. Leanne flew down South to the island on Friday night, but Astrid and I have been rooming together ever since. It's so wild because everything just happened naturally, but if you told me even a week ago that I would be rooming with a "stranger", I wouldn't believe it. And they are not strangers! They are like other thirds of me I was lucky to find. It will be sad when Astrid and I part tonight as she is leaving for Laos and I to Nong Khai for the orientation for my volunteering placement. But this is not the end. We will all meet again one day =)
Camp fire the first night (Leanne & Astrid).
Waterfall in Doi Inthanon National Park

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