Loi Krathong in Krabi Town

Loi Krathong is celebrated all over Thailand. It takes place on the full moon of November. Loi = float. Krathong = the name of the thing you float. The tradition is a combination of paying respect to the waters (on which you float your krathong) and cleansing yourself of your sins and such or making a wish. It was such a great experience to be with the locals and some farangs (foreigners) on this magical night that was accompanied by a torrential downpour, that still seems like a dream.

A family lights their krathongs.

Come on, baby, light my krathong!

Meet Roslyn from AUS. Fellow volunteer. We laugh until we cry. <3

Girl in the water.

Mine went out quick and my wish was sooo good and not about me! Sad.

Unfortunately, the rain extinguished the candles quickly.


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