Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye, Krabi Town. Will see you soon. xoxo

Kids steer the motorbike here!

Crabs of Krabi. Inappropriate jokes unnecessary.

The one night Ros and I went out on the town.

Next to my frog pond.

Back at the Tiger Cave Temple forest.

You wish I was your teacher.

Oh, and then 2 days I taught English to public health officials with Eddy (on the right, his daughter is at Berkeley's medical school! He's been to Brooklyn! He graduated from Northwestern!). I made some cheedah! I also blew them away with songs I wrote (because yes they brought a guitar the day after I said "I sing and play guitar...."). I am thinking of going back to Krabi Town in late February to work this gig for a bit.

Noon. Best masseuse ever.
With the school's best student. Whatever. She told Morng I looked fat one day. ;) hah

The kids who yelled "HI" and "BYE" to me and Ros every day.
Me, Joe, Mui, Naprach, and Ros on our last night together! Mui was the best with answering all of my questions, finding me a paid gig, convincing me that yes I should stay in Thailand forever. Joe is her sweet other half. And, Naprach...oh Naprach, his name means "philosopher" and he is indeed one. He gently cried during dinner because he wanted to see the moon.

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