Happy Holidays!!!

I no longer have time to update the ol' blog often. So much to write about: teaching at the school, at the temple, getting paid for teaching, island hopping, etc. I am currently in Bangkok with my MAMA!!! So awesome. We were celebrate the New Year is Siem Reap, looking forward to it heaps. Happy holidays to all of you! I miss you, I do, but it looks like I will be traveling until March...or April? Anyone miss me yet ;)

From me to you. PS - Erica Friedman, I hope you love this. PPS - I am not naked.


  1. I do love it----because I MISS YOOOOUUU!!! Love how you did the b&w with the red.

    Now every time I hear this song and the line "Dashing through the snow" I will think "Dasha through the snow". lol. I thought that when you sang it! :)

  2. LOVE IT! Merry Christmas Dasha! Have a wonderful time in BKK with your mama! Thanks for the postcard :)


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