Happy One Month Anniversary, Thailand.

In case you forgot what I looked like, friends, here I am enjoying my first month in Thailand!

Day 1. Hour 3. Bangkok. Tom yam soup.

Day 2. Bangkok. Wat Po - Reclining Buddha

Day 3 - Bangkok. Dusit Zoo. My first elephant!!

Day 4 -Bangkok. Atop Wat Arun. =)

Day 5 - Soi Yok. My first elephant ride with the other sole traveler in my group.

Day 6 - Erawan Waterfall. Thai massage. hah.
Day 7 - Chiang Mai. Preparations for Loi Krathong.

Day 8 - Chiang Mai province, Doi Inthanon National Park. In a rice field.

Day 9 - Chiang Mai Province. Doi Inthanon National Park. Lovin' up on some trees.

Day 10  - Chiang Mai. Lovin' up on some Loi Krathong preparations.

Day 12 - Golden Triangle. You can see Burma behind me.

Day 16 - Nong Khai, breakfast shopping.

Day 17 - Nong Khai - Hindu Buddhist Sculpture Park.

Day 18 - Nong Khai. Trial run as a teacher.

Day 20 - Krabi Town. Sunsets and moonrises.

Day 26 - Railay Beach. Railay West. Best water.

Day 26 - Railay Beach. Railay West.
Today - At school with the youngest babes.


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