Monday, November 9, 2015

Friendship and Halloween, Denver Style

Hello, and welcome back to Denver, where you are greeted by this terrifying sculpture of Blue Mustang to and from the airport. This horse actually killed it's maker. I'm not even kidding, before this demon horse went up a huge part of it fell onto the artist, Luis Jimenez, and killed him after severing his artery. There are all sorts of other strange things happening at the Denver airport that I won't go into.

This is an appropriately morbid beginning to a blog post that has mostly HALLOWEEN photos!! You do know I love Halloween and dress up, right? It's just something that has never come up on the blog before! This year was the first time since I came to America at 5 years old that I was not in New York for Halloween!

Last time I went to Denver (in 2012) to visit my pal Frank, I was there for almost a week and there was hiking, a lot of hiking, never enough hiking; oh, and James and Frank calculating days of the week while playing ping pong. This time around I had bad flight luck (twice in two months!) and got in Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night, but I'm not complaining: 3 days of old friends, new friends, and one glorious hike made for a super fun long weekend!

Cheesman Park
Mike and Frank impressing each other with their hackey sack skills
at Cheesman Park.
What a lovely house and tree.
Almost all of these people have lived in New York at some point.
Every Roy Lichtenstein girl needs a creepy bathroom selfie.
Better to not know who these fine doctors are -
Hunter Thompson and a cowboy from Lonesome Dove.
So much amazingness here, words cannot convey!
Frank, me, Dave. I've known these boys 9 years. Dave looks exactly the same.

I mean, doesn't he? This is Halloween 2006.
(Also, how mediocre/awesome are my photoshopping skills?
There wasn't a photo of all three of us, so I had to do some cutting and pasting.)
Joe has the longest cowboy legs. Is that horse small or is it just far away?
Doctors are the wildest people I know. This takes rooftop party to a whole new level.
Male synchronized dance party

On line to get into Milk Bar
Shaun is pretty cool,
but I don't know what he actually looks like because I only saw him in costume.
Can you spot the gnome?

The elderly deserve to be romanced by young cowboys, too.
Cowboys get down.
This woman photo bombed an otherwise unspectacular photo. Thank you!

The day after Halloween Frank and Dave wanted to look like b-boys. 
Frank and Joe taught me to play Settlers of Catan and I schooled them.
(Thanks to them helping me with strategy. Nerds.) 
What a pretty backyard! Someone should buy this house, quick!
Then I had  to leave...but I'm ready to move here. Look at that view!

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