Friday, January 20, 2017

Taggart and Bradley Lake Hike, GTNP

During my take-my-breath-away trip to Grand Teton National Park, my friend Frank and I did a couple of fairly easy hikes [See Signal Mountain here]. I was irrationally nervous about hiking too high because I thought my lungs wouldn't handle it after 2012's hike to 14,000 feet on Mt. Bierstadt. Luckily, you don't have to hike or even step out of a car in the Tetons to see epic views - but who would I be if I didn't try! 

The first hike we did was the Taggart and Bradley Lakes Loop Hike which passes two peaceful lakes of the 6 lakes in Grand Teton National Park. The weather promised to be cold, but we were in major luck the whole trip because it was beautiful autumn days all around! We bundled up tight, by about 5 minutes into the hike it got very warm and the layers came off.  The Taggart Lake hike is one of the most popular hikes in the Tetons because of it's ease, but it did not feel that populated perhaps because of the time of year we were there (mid-October).

Hike Length: 5.5 miles (8.85km)
Hike Time: 4 hours (lots of stopping, oooing & aaaing!)
Peak Elevation: 7,190 ft (2191.5 m)

Let the Hiking Begin!

A gigantic moose baby! Mom was nearby, too!

Taggart Lake
Bradley Lake
This guy

Yum. Look at those colors.

Friends who hike together, stay friends for 10 years together?
Into/Out of the Woods

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