Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hiking Signal Mountain, GTNP

Signal Mountain views

For our second hike in Grand Teton National Park, Frank and I chose Signal Mountain because my pocket hiking guide book spoke of a panoramic view of the entire valley including the Tetons and Jackson Lake. This hike was a bit harder than the Taggart and Bradley Lake hike we did the day before. It was mostly walking through the woods, with little peeks of the mountains here and there until the peak, and discussing what to do if a grizzly pops out. Listen, yes, I am scared of bears! Ever since spotting that teenage black bear on a hike in the Catskills I have been aware of my own futility when it comes to nature's powers. Basically, nature is no joke and I'm just here to admire, not bother anyone and not get eaten! Even though, I was mildly nervous the whole hike - the view from the top was phenomenal and took my breath away! The hike starts by Signal Mountain Lodge and Campground, and you have to cross the road at the beginning to start going up.

Hike Length: 7.4 mile double lollipop (11.9 km)
Hike Time: About 4 hours
Peak Elevation: 7,720 ft. (2353 m)
The only way to pose when bundled up for a second hike that may result in death by bear!

Woodland colors
Mountains peeking out

Nice bones.

Happiness at 7,720 feet on Signal Mountain

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